So put your backpack on your shoulder

Be a good little soilder

She Fatal Doses, Malcontent to Osmosis
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I remember the day.
I was 11 years old and I was introuduced to the phillies.
My mom was making mashed potatoes,
and I fell in love
It was before Chase Utley and Ryan Howard, before Jim Thome.
Back when the Mets were in last place,
and the Phillies just couldn't seem to win the division
I say that the Phillies save my life
because through all those days of wrecking myself through drugs
I never stopped wondering what would happen tomorrow
I never stopped wondering who would hit the next home run
I don't know what will happen tomorrow
but someday I hope to make something of myself
Someday, I'll be driving down Broad Street, with a camera in my bag,
a multiple year narcotics anonymous key chain,
and a smile on my face.

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